Self check-in instructions


Starowiślna street, No. 37

Main gate code:


[ Important: the hash-signs are integral part of the code ]

Go through the hallway to the courtyard

all the lights have sensors, so occasionally one needs to wave or jump to activate them 😉

Inside the courtyard go to the staircase to the right

the staircase is in the opposite side of a carpet rack - that's where we chain our bicycles to 😉

Apartments main entrance is on the ground floor to the left

that's the big brown door pictured above 😉

On the wall next to the door there's a lockbox that holds your keys

1. Open the keybox black cover
2. Set the code w've sent you before your arrival
3. Open the box (pull the black button down) and extract the keys.
4. Close the box, set a random code and close the black lid
5. Open the main door with the bigger key (the small one is for your apartment door).

Your apartment is No. 4a - on the left hand side

Important: please remember to keep the main apartments door closed at all times (no need to lock it with a key, just please keep it shut).

That's it - you're in! 🙂
Have a wonderful stay!

Or... If somehow you've not succeeded, please contact us anytime!


OH DEER! Apartments WiFi 1